CCNN Graduate Spotlight: Karen Gonzalez, Dow Chemical

Today, Karen Gonzalez is a Site Infrastructure Activities Coordinator for Dow AgroSciences (part of the Down Chemical Company) in Pittsburg, Calif. But just a few short years ago, she was a young mother with a 40-hour a week job and a full course load at Career College of Northern Nevada. It took serious dedication to take her dreams from the incubation stage to reality. How Karen made the transition from aspiring business student to successful entrepreneur and Dow employee is an inspiring one. Read more...

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Flexibility and Self-Confidence: How Mothers Achieve Career College Success

Flexibility and Self-Confidence: How Mothers Achieve Career College Success at CCNN! Ask Alyssia Escobar how she manages to raise a family while attending classes in the Health Information Management program at CCNN and she’ll tell you it comes down to sheer perseverance. “Honestly, it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” Escobar says, laughing. “I used to be the most negative, self-doubting person anyone has known. When I first started at CCNN, I couldn’t get it together.” But that’s not the case today. Escobar couldn’t have picked a better field to enter. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says health information management jobs are expected to grow by 21 percent by 2020, which puts her in a prime position to capitalize on a growing profession. Read More...

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Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems Hires CCNN Grads

At Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems, ideas come to life from the white-hot forge of a plasma cutting table. The company, which produces products such as Torchmate and Vernon Tool, is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc-welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. For 30 years, Lincoln Electric has manufactured cutting machines from small home machines to large-capacity industrial machines. Located in the Reno, Nevada area, the company has partnered with many local educational institutions, such as Career College of Northern Nevada. Some of the programs, such as the one at CCNN, have already yielded results — three graduates are now full-time employees at Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems.

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How to Make the Most of Your CCNN Experience

How to Make the Most of Your CCNN Experience Welcome to a new quarter! Whether you’re a soon-to-be graduate or a brand-new student, the first day of school – aside from being a bit nerve-racking – is the ideal opportunity to start fresh. And what better place to do that than Career College of Northern Nevada? At CCNN, we make it a priority to provide our students with the supportive environment they need to not only accomplish their goals, but to continue to excel well into the future. While many of our returning students may know the ropes, we’d like to take this time to introduce those of you just starting out to some tried and true tips to successfully navigating the path toward academic success, while also making the most of your CCNN experience. Read More!

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What Is a Skills Gap?

What Is A Skills Gap? We recently attended an economic development presentation hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. The discussion centered on solving the skills gap in our local market. It’s estimated that 11% of businesses believe that recent college graduates are prepared for work. Interestingly, 35% of those graduates believe they are prepared. What does it take to be prepared? Who is responsible for what it takes? If I was considering further education or career training I would want those answers. I’m not sure there’s a single answer though. Every career field is different. Just within the medical field there are differences in training requirements for various jobs. A doctor attends university level training in stages. First he has to earn a Bachelor degree to learn how to learn. Then several years of medical school after that to learn the mechanics of science and medicine. After that he has to do a residency where he gets a chance to apply what he learned in a learning/employment setting. And for the rest of his career he has to keep learning as new research develops new techniques to perform his job.

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What Financial Literacy Month Means to You

Tax time. Nobody enjoys it very much, especially when you end up owing the IRS. Still, it makes April the perfect month to train our minds on becoming more financially savvy. Perhaps this is why April is specifically set aside as Financial Literacy Month. The aim is to teach us all to be more financially responsible and “achieve financial wellness.” At Career College of Northern Nevada, we fully support the idea of learning more about getting the most out of your finances and avoiding unnecessary debt. It’s one of the reasons an education at CCNN is so affordable compared with a conventional university setting, which can often saddle students with the lifetime burden of never-ending debt. Whether you’re studying welding and fabrication, Information Technology, medical assisting, HVAC or any number of other degrees, CCNN aims to make your studies affordable so you can graduate with confidence that the money you earn in your new career stays in your pocket. If you are considering a new career and if CCNN is on your radar, it pays to look at the big picture as you make your decision. Read More...

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Seven Reasons to Attend Trade School in Reno

Seven Reasons to Attend Trade School in Reno Study welding and fabrication, Health Information Management, Medical Assisting, Industrial Electronics and more fields at CCNN. Call 775-241-4445 TODAY to learn more! Ever wondered about the differences between a traditional four-year college and a trade school in Reno such as Career College of Northern Nevada? Some differences are obvious: with a trade school or career college, you enjoy a shorter length of time required to earn a degree along with intense specialization in a particular field. But beyond that, there are more subtle – but still significant – contrasts between the two. Many young students enter a four-year college setting with a vague idea of what they want to study. But it often takes two or three years of unrelated core classes before the students get to the heart of what they’ve come to learn about. By then, the student may have changed majors, further extending their college experience into a costly five- or six-year journey with no clear end game. A trade school, on the other hand, is all about laser focus. Read More: Seven Reasons to Attend Trade School in Reno -

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The Secret to Success with Resumes

Résumés are like politics and religion; everyone has an opinion. Recently I helped an individual prepare a résumé that resulted in two job interviews in one week. She had been job searching for months with no success, but after she made just a few modifications she was getting more interviews than she could handle. I want to discuss the things you can do differently to maximize your résumé and help you be the one who is beating back recruiters with a stick. We are going to look at things like formatting. I’ll give you a few points on tailoring your résumé. Then we will wrap up with tips on how to help your résumé really stand out. Read More...

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