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Do you appreciate hands-on work and fixing things? Have you considered the possibilities of working in HVAC and welding? Career College of Northern Nevada offers a Facility Maintenance Technician program that includes courses from our HVAC, welding and industrial electronics technician programs. So, what will you learn in this 78-week program?

Facility Maintenance Technician Courses

Electrical Theory and Application

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of electrical theory. Basic principles like Ohm’s law, electrical characteristics and electron flow will be applied to reinforce the importance and application of electricity in the HVAC/R industry. You will also learn basic wiring techniques, schematic reading, motor controls and electrical troubleshooting.  

Fluid Power Dynamics

Our Fluid Power Dynamics course will give you knowledge of the concepts and components of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. You will have the ability to perform the routine maintenance requirements of control systems, pumps and equipment used with hydraulic and pneumatic systems using common safety practices. Finally, you will learn to diagram and explain commonly used fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic systems.  

Digital Electronics

The Digital Electronics course will give you basic understanding of digital circuits. You’ll learn the numbering systems and the logic gates used for these circuits. The course will also provide the safety procedures required for performing repair and maintenance on digital elements.  

Intro to Welding and Fabrication

The Introduction to Welding and Fabrication course will be your first course into the world of welding. First you will learn about the personal protective equipment required for welding and fabrication projects. You will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in welding safety including the handling of hazardous materials, avoiding accidents in the workplace and electrical safety. OSHA-10 training and the foundations of welding professionalism will also be taught in this course. Upon completion of this course, a passing score on SENSE Level II Safety will be required prior to moving forward in the welding program. The beginning of SMAW will also be introduced in this course.  

Oxyfuel Cutting and Basics of SMAW

During this welding course, you will gain a basic understanding of oxy-fuel cutting, also called flame cutting or burning, as well as plasma cutting. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate skills using an oxy-fuel torch, plasma cutter and carbon arc cutting practices.  

Are You Ready to Begin a Career as a Facility Maintenance Technician?

If you’re ready to begin a career in an industrial facility utilizing skills in HVAC, welding and industrial electronics, becoming a Facility Maintenance Technician may be exactly what you’re looking for! Contact CCNN at 775.241.4445 for more information on our Facility Maintenance Technician Program!
Are you considering pursuing a career in healthcare? Do you appreciate the idea of healthcare, business and information technology working together as one? Do you want to work in a field that is growing and will continue to? Career College of Northern Nevada offers a Health Information Management program that can fulfill these desires. Health Information Management professionals are an important part of the healthcare industry because they perform a variety of jobs to help keep physicians’ offices, hospitals and medical facilities of all types running. But what type of courses will you take in this 18-month program?

Health Information Management Courses

Medical Terminology 1 & 2

In both Medical Terminology courses, you’ll learn to apply an in-depth knowledge of the medical terminology used with the various systems of human anatomy and pathophysiology. This includes the 11 different types of body systems, procedures and diseases associated with medical terms in the health industry. The program’s focus will be on definitions, key terms related to the appropriate body functions, directional planes, body regions, positions, cavities, location to the organs, body structures and mapping, and anatomical terms based on procedures.

Health Information Technology

Health Information Management professionals work within the intersection of healthcare and IT. During the Health Information Technology course, you’ll learn the importance of quality data collection based on accuracy, accessibility, consistency, time and completeness. You will gain an understanding of many different data sets used to collect patient information. In addition, you will learn about the evolution of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and hybrid records that shape the healthcare industry as well as the content of the health record.

Principles of Management

This course will prepare you to properly communicate with physicians, coworkers and other healthcare professionals. You will also learn the importance of presenting a professional image in the healthcare environment.

Billing and Reimbursement Management

During this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history, rules and regulations of the revenue cycle in the health industry, encompassing billing and reimbursement methodologies in physician’s offices and outpatient hospital settings. Usage of common terminology, health insurance plans, medical documentation, medical forms and basics of coding methodologies will also be taught. Finally, you will learn the importance of proper federal and state laws for optimizing reimbursements and reprocessing claim denials and appeals.    

Are You Ready to Begin a Career in Healthcare?

While there are many more courses you’ll take during this program, these are just a few you’ll experience. Are you ready to take the next step toward a fulfilling career in healthcare? Contact CCNN today at 775.241.4445 for more information on our Health Information Management program.   Learn more

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