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furnace repair

HVAC Training 101: Four Types of Furnaces

Curious about what you’ll learn during HVAC training? HVAC technicians are responsible for maintaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. In the chilly winter months, they will have more furnace repair and installation requests. Furnace Types Mastered During HVAC Training HVAC technicians will mostly work with these four kinds of furnaces: Natural Gas Furnaces A budget-friendly […]

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Five Changes in The Electronics Industry in the Last Five Years

The electronics industry is fast-paced. Constant technological updates ensure steady and continued work. It also offers a variety of opportunities tailored to different niches. Recent Changes in the Electronics Industry 1. Focus on Sustainability Sustainability. It’s not just a buzzword, it’s a movement. Electronic technology use can reduce paper waste and gas consumption. Companies are […]

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What is a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants are needed now more than ever. The administrative and clerical tasks they perform are the glue that holds medical facilities together. Enrolling in a medical assistant program can take students anywhere. Here are some things to know about this essential and fast-growing career. Medical Assistant Job Description Though duties range from hospital to […]

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Information Technology Specialist Jobs

Information Technology Career After completing the Information Technology Specialist program at CCNN, you are ready to face the market and offer your best services. The program aims to teach and empower the people of Northern Nevada with skills for the future. With an IT certification, several jobs await you. However, be sure to take your […]

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Facilities Maintenance Technician Careers

CCNN is an outstanding Nevada trade school that offers a wide range of career programs, as a facilities maintenance technician. People seeking facilities maintenance technician careers should possess essential skills, including versatility, problem-solving ability, detail orientation, and physical capacity. Pursuing facilities maintenance technician courses at CCNN will provide opportunities for you, especially if you are […]

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IT Courses to Expect While Earning Your Degree

If you are reading this it is safe to assume that you love all things tech and have exciting visions of where the future of technology is headed. This IT program in Northern Nevada will give you the core grounding needed to build a career in IT. CCNN’s IT courses are geared to set you […]

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Where do Welders Work?

Welding can be understood as a method of joining two or more pieces of metal by applying heat. The heat melts and fuses the two metals, and a strong bond is then created upon cooling. There are many types of welding techniques, and the right one depends on the task at hand. Given the importance […]

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Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

You walk into your local urgent care clinic feeling terrible – you don’t know exactly what’s wrong, but you know that you need to see a doctor. You can barely think. The anxiety and discomfort are overwhelming as you head up to the reception desk. Relief washes over you as you explain your issue to […]

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HVAC/R Technician Skills

CCNN is a trade school in Northern Nevada that offers an HVAC/R Service Technician program that can be completed in as little as 36 weeks. The program provides students with the skills they need to effectively work on HVAC/R systems, replacing costly mistakes and costly repairs. Career opportunities are plentiful for those that go through […]

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Industrial Electronics Technician Skills

Industrial electronics technology is a broad field of study in Physics and a branch of electrical engineering dealing with power electronics. As an engineer in this field, you will learn how to assemble parts and components, measure and keep checking all electrical parameters and control systems, respectively. You will also perform factory automation, the sensors, […]

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