Facility Maintenance Technician Degree

Why Study Facility Maintenance?

Facility Maintenance Technicians are essential to the routine maintenance of manufacturing equipment in industrial facilities. In a time when people are often worried that jobs are becoming increasingly computerized, this career is a safe bet. If you like working with your hands and understanding how things work, this is a good career path for you. With increasing automation comes a rising need for people who have the skills and knowledge to program and fix the machines, so this career likely has a strong outlook. Here are some other reasons it might be time for you to pursue your Facility Maintenance Technician Degree.


You Won’t Get Bored

Facility maintenance tech careers offer a lot of variety every day, so you’ll stay on your toes. There is a wide range of skills they use every day—including HVAC/R service, welding, data networking, robotics technology, and industrial motor control. Their main job is to ensure a safe and operational working environment. Whatever list of to-dos you have in one day, you can be sure you’ll stay busy and will have new puzzles to solve.


The Career Outlook is Good

Facility maintenance technicians are in-demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for machinery mechanics, machinery maintenance workers, and millwrights will grow by 7% between 2016 and 2026, and that growth should be even stronger in the Reno/Sparks area. Manufacturing jobs have grown 25% in the past year alone in this region. Our area, in particular, has a need for skilled techs.


The Classes are Interesting

Because the daily tasks of a maintenance tech are so varied, you get to learn about a lot of different things. Your courses include robotic technology, electrical systems, welding, and more. Robotics Technology involves designing, installing, and troubleshooting automated equipment, and understanding how to work with these machines will be important to have a long and stable career. Another interesting and useful course is Data Networking. Here students can learn how to maintain and repair data networks, gaining knowledge in IP and Ethernet protocols to keep their facilities functioning.


You’ll Gain In-Demand Skills

The IT, welding, electrical, and robotics skills you can learn in this program are important to helping you pursue a fulfilling career. But that’s just the beginning. You can develop many “soft” skills that will help you stand out in your career. Problem-solving, for example, is essential for any good facility maintenance technician, as they need to identify issues and resolve complications quickly. Other important strengths include time management, attention to detail, verbal communication, and being a team player. These are all valuable skills for a maintenance tech, and you can work on developing them even while getting your training at CCNN.


Earn Your Facility Maintenance Technician Degree at CCNN

These are just some of the best aspects of the career. If you like working with your hands and are ready for an in-demand career, learn more about CCNN’s Facility Maintenance Technician program today by giving us a call at 775-241-4445.


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Top Reasons to Enroll in CCNN’s Facility Maintenance Technician Program

Do you like fixing things? Are you searching for an exciting and in-demand career that won’t be taken over by machines like so many other manufacturing jobs? If your answer is yes, then the Career College of Northern Nevada’s Facility Maintenance Technician program might be right for you. If you’re ready to start gathering the skills needed for this versatile and developing field, then keep reading. Learn more about the best reasons to enroll in our program and start training for your new career today.


Gain In-demand Skills

Industrial mechanics and facility maintenance workers maintain and repair factory equipment in a variety of facilities. Because of their general maintenance responsibility, these technicians need to know many different skill sets. To prepare for this work, our students learn about HVAC/R servicing, welding, data networking, robotics technology, industrial motor control, and more. Technicians need all these skills as well as knowledge in IT, time management, verbal communication, and problem-solving.


Enjoy On-the-job Variety

In smaller organizations, the technician will have more responsibilities and address maintenance issues as they happen, while a tech at a larger company may have a more specialized role. Either way, the tasks of a maintenance technician are various, so you probably won’t get bored on the job. The regular responsibilities of a tech include: installing new equipment, calibrating machinery, responding to alerts, maintaining logs of downtime, documenting routine checks and repairs, and engaging in preventative maintenance.


Enter an Evolving Field

As manufacturers continue to adopt new technology and introduce computer-controlled machines, more maintenance workers will be needed to repair and maintain that equipment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for industrial machinery mechanics, machinery maintenance workers, and millwrights is expected to grow 7% between 2016 and 2026, which is as fast as average. Even better than that, manufacturing jobs in the Reno/Sparks area have grown 25% in the last year, and that trend is expected to continue. If you can gain a broad range of skills—which our program prepares you to do—you will be more competitive in the job market.


Protect Your Career from Automation

As more and more organizations introduce computerized machines, there is a general concern that jobs in warehouses and manufacturing facilities will shrink. If you don’t want to lose your job to a machine, the best insurance is becoming someone who knows how to maintain and repair the facilities. The skills our program teaches could provide security and stability, helping you build a long-term and fulfilling career.


Plan your Career with our Facility Maintenance Technician Program

If these reasons have sparked your curiosity and your ready to learn more, read up on CCNN’s Facility Maintenance Technician Program and get ready to gain employer-aligned skills for a great career today.


Prepare For An In-Demand Career in Facilities Maintenance 

If you’re ready for a hands-on, exciting, and stable career, consider becoming a Facility Maintenance Technician. Because so many jobs in manufacturing and technology are vulnerable to automation, it’s a smart career move to follow a path that is more secure. With Facility Maintenance Technician Classes, you can train to maintain and repair machinery. Don’t get replaced by a machine; learn how to fix the machines instead! Here are some of the areas you’ll learn about in Maintenance Technician courses.


Robotics Technology

Robotics Technology entails designing, building, installing, using, and troubleshooting machines and automated equipment. These machines can perform simple, repetitive tasks that can help free up humans for more complicated jobs. Be the person who fixes the machines and not the person who loses their job to a machine!


Understanding Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling/Refrigeration systems is part of the Maintenance Technician’s role. Learn how to service these systems that are essential to the safe functioning of any facility. In HVAC/R courses, students can gain an understanding of safe working habits, basic principles used in the industry, and technical terminology.



Welding is a fabrication process that applies heat to materials, often metals, to join them. In welding classes, you can gain skills in basic welding tasks in order to maintain, repair, and equip a facility. You can learn the basics of welding safety, welding foundations, and several types of welding that will have a variety of applications.


Data Networking

In order to maintain and repair the data networks in a facility, successful Maintenance Technicians must have the fundamentals of data networking. Learn IP and Ethernet protocols, comprehend basic functions of routers and switches, and understand how data is prepared for transportation across networks.


Electrical Systems

Learn the fundamentals of electrical systems. Maintenance Technicians must understand electrical safety standards, basic electrical schematics, and troubleshooting. Electrical systems courses will prepare you to safely maintain and repair a facility’s electrical system.


Take Maintenance Technician Classes at CCNN

These are just a few of the areas in which you can gain useful skills for a Facility Maintenance Technician career. The skills our students can learn are broadly useful and prepare them for in-demand careers. Learn more about how to take Maintenance Technician classes at CCNN today or give us a call at 775-241-4445!


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