7 Signs You Should Be Working in IT

Have you been asking yourself which industry to move into? What if you’re thinking about healthcare, IT, or welding but can’t decide which one would be best? This is the job you’ll have for many years to come, right? Well, you may have noticed signs you should be working in IT and didn’t even know it. Here are seven signs you should be working in IT.

  1. You have a desire to learn new things
  2. You’re interested in the growing tech industries
  3. You prefer change
  4. You admire culture-valuing companies
  5. You have a low-costing barrier
  6. You are searching for job diversity
  7. You seek optimism



1. You Have a Desire to Learn New Skills

You may have chances to contribute to multiple IT projects and even pivot between different projects within the same timeframe in a new IT job. An IT company can introduce you to different programming languages, application creation and tracking methods, and IT security procedures. You can sometimes take your cultivated tech skill set with you as an independent IT specialist.


2. You’re Interested in the Growing Tech Industries

There are countless tech startups these days. Most companies have a dedicated IT department or contract with an IT consultant or IT specialist. Also, positions in web development, network systems administration, systems analyst and information technology management are steadily being paid more. If you want to try a job in a new field, looking into a data science career may be a smart move.


3. You Prefer Change

The tech industry is responsible for the greatest growth of new job positions. Many new jobs were created in the past couple of decades to meet the demands of this rapidly expanding field. Some of these new jobs include Mobile App Designer, Data Scientist, Applications Developer, Chief Technology Officers, Data Analyst, iOS Developers and Cloud Solution Architects. Soon IT will likely restructure how other industries operate. If these rapidly changing IT events intrigue you, this field might be the right one for you.


4. You Admire Culture-Valuing Companies

IT startups and even large corporations are paying for common employee complaints about the work cultures of other industries. If a productive and effective work culture is important to you, IT may be a good fit. The work may sometimes be tedious and strenuous, but coffee bars and gaming rooms are the new rage. Google, anyone?


5. You Have a Low-Costing Educational Barrier

Let’s face it – college is expensive! When you’re ready to take the next step toward a better future, it is likely you’ve thought about college. You may have even begun researching the right college for you. Then the tuition fees popped up on your screen. Quick exit! It is possible you’ll have a better chance at landing IT positions with a career college diploma or an IT Certification. CCNN offers an Information Technology Specialist program that can be completed in as few as 18 months. This is much quicker and cheaper than a 4-year college degree.


6. You are Searching for Job Diversity

What is great about IT is that it has found its way into all industries. There are many types of IT jobs for fields such as healthcare, insurance, aerospace, engineering, retail and energy. This means you can change industries without having to change careers.


7. You Seek Optimism

Many people get into IT careers because they want to truly improve people’s lives. If you want to surround yourself with that sort of drive and passion each workday, you should look start looking for IT jobs.


Information Technology Specialist Program at CCNN

So, are all the signs clear? Let CCNN help answer any additional questions you may have about our Information Technology Specialist program. Call us today at 775-241-4445 or fill out the form below for more information.



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Today’s jobs in Information Technology present opportunities for a secure future and a rewarding career. Now more than ever, there are vast opportunities available for careers in the information technology field. According to BLS, all computer occupations are expected to grow by 12% between 2018 and 2028.

IT Job Opportunities

Job opportunities in Information Technology can be found in all sectors. Exciting and stable IT jobs are available in every industry across the nation, with opportunities exploding everywhere. There is an ever-increasing need for skilled personnel in the fields of systems administration, systems development, cyber security, cloud technology, data mining, and big data storage. These are only a few technical areas where positions for skilled Information Technology Specialists are currently available. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of technology opportunities opening every day that provide stable income and increasing opportunities for career advancement.

Today you can find new IT opportunities in all government and non-government employment markets. Many technology positions are also available in the major institutions that serve the public at large. Institutions such as hospitals, schools, private and non-private industries, non-profit organizations, and technology companies are always looking for people with innovative ideas to keep them at the forefront of this steadily growing industry.

Once in the technology field, there are tremendous chances to advance your career. Opportunities in the fields of Information Systems Science and Information Technology Management are hiring at increasing rates to keep up with production and innovation. The career options are extensive and growing immensely every day.

Associate of Occupational Studies Degree

An Associate of Occupational Studies degree can open many doors to a prominent future in a progressive career culture. This growing career market offers a variety of benefits and continuous intellectual stimulation. There are many types of IT jobs and careers to choose from. Information Technology jobs such as systems analyst and application analyst are just a few examples of the vast opportunities available in the IT job market.

Additional Certifications

Positions for IT Specialist, including, Database Administrator, Data Scientist, IT Technical Support, IT Consultant, Network Systems Administration and other Data Science careers may require additional IT Certifications. CCNN’s Information Technology Specialist courses can prepare students to take industry related certification exams, such as, A+, CISCO, VMware, and EMC2. These certifications show you’re committed to the industry and you’re willing to put in the hard work – something most employers find appealing in a candidate. 

CCNN’s Information Technology Program

It’s an exciting time to become part of this explosive technological world and secure a bright and promising future. Career College of Northern Nevada (CCNN) offers students a high-quality education that prepares them for a rewarding career in the IT field. Once completed with their hands-on training, students are awarded an Associate of Occupational Studies in Information Technology degree that can be used to obtain employment throughout the country. For more information on our Information Technology Specialist degree, request information with our convenient online form or call us at 775-241-4445.



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IT professionals in 2020 and beyond have massive opportunities for employment. Information technology is one of the few industries safe from obsoletion and automation. Looking for an exciting new career in tech? Below are some of the highest-paying, best IT jobs in 2020 and beyond.


  1. Big Data Engineer

Data is the life-force fueling many technological processes and advances. In 2020 and beyond, businesses will need IT professionals who can take large amounts of raw data and transform it into usable and highly-valuable information for crucial strategies and decision-making. The median salary? A cool $163,250 per year.

  1. Mobile App Developer

For practically anything you need, there’s an app for that. But somebody has to design and create those innovative apps for your smartphones and tablets. The demand for mobile application developers is sure to increase in the near future. These IT professionals can expect a salary midpoint of $146,500.

  1. Applications Architect

Someone has to develop the apps, but who makes the apps easy to use, engaging, and ideal for simplifying your life? An Applications Architect, who is expected to make $141,750 as a mean salary. These IT professionals are responsible for designing the main parts of an app, such as the infrastructure, middleware, and user-interface. Good at planning and communicating? This might be the 2020 IT job for you.

  1. Data Security Analyst

Those with thorough attention to detail, keen problem-solving skills, and a strong knowledge of security trends and regulations may want to consider becoming a data security analyst. These IT professionals handle computer and network security, along with firewall admin, network protocols, and encryption technology. The midpoint salary for data security analysts is $129,000.

  1. Software Engineer

One of the most stable and secure IT jobs is software engineering. Software engineers create engineering specifications for software and apps, too. Strong communication skills, fluency in a specific programming language, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science are required. Median salary? $125,750.

  1. Cloud and Wireless Network Engineer

The increase in consumers and businesses using cloud and wireless technology is a significant reason why these IT pros and in-demand, and demand is not scheduled to drop anytime soon. A Wireless Network/Cloud Engineer is an expert in wireless equipment, standards, and WLAC design. If you’re analytical and a good problem-solver, this IT job is worth considering. The median starting salary for cloud and wireless network engineers is $123,750.

  1. Systems Engineer

Are you skilled at communicating with non-technical users about technical information? Systems Engineer may be the career path for you. These valued, in-demand IT pros support the technical infrastructure of an organization, including system software and hardware. They maintain the system, reconfigure, and debug it when failures occur. The midpoint salary for a systems engineer is $106,000.


Information Technology Specialist Program at CCNN

IT jobs are secure and set to grow in demand as we march forth into the information age. Are you looking for an exciting, fulfilling, and well-paying career in IT? Career College of Northern Nevada can help you achieve your goals for higher education. Contact us today to learn more about our Information Technology Specialist Program.



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5 Reasons to Work in Information Technology 

People often say that information technology is a good field to get into, but what exactly do they mean by that? Though the benefits of a career in IT are extensive, there five key advantages of this dynamic profession.


1. Vast Opportunities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the increase of cloud computing, big data storage, and cybersecurity will fuel a thirteen percent growth in IT careers between 2016 and 2026. This is faster than the total average U.S. job growth of seven percent. In addition, because technology is used in virtually every sector, IT professionals can work anywhere from tech companies to schools, hospitals, government offices, nonprofits, and more.


2. Generous Compensation

Though salaries vary by region and job title, IT professionals generally earn above-average salaries. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers have a median annual salary of $67,990, while computer support specialists earn approximately $52,810 per year. Both of these figures are higher than the nation’s average median salary of $45,552.


3. A Progressive Culture

At most tech companies, there is a myriad of benefits beyond the typical insurance package and 401(k). More and more tech companies are allowing employees to dress casually and work remotely. In addition, employees at these companies often have access to other fun perks, such as catered lunches, office yoga, and paid volunteer time. This type of culture promotes a positive atmosphere and reduces the risk of employee burnout.


4. Intellectual Stimulation

In the field of technology, there is a continuous stream of new problems to solve. For this reason, IT is a great fit for those who tend to bore easily. The most successful professionals in this industry are creative thinkers who can consistently identify ways to optimize processes or invent better ones.


5. Infinite Inspiration

The rapid pace of development in information technology makes it an inspiring sector to work in. Professionals in this field are encouraged to believe that anything is possible, and their work often directly improves the lives of others. This makes for a motivational and rewarding profession.


Learn More About the Benefits of a Career in IT Through CCNN

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in information technology, consider reaching out to the Career College of Northern Nevada (CCNN). Here at CCNN, you can complete an Associate in Occupational Studies with an emphasis in Information Technology in as little as 72 weeks with a full-time course load. Contact us at 775-241-4445 for more details about this comprehensive program.


Which IT Position is Right for You?

One of the main benefits of an IT background is the vast number of employment opportunities it provides. However, with so many alternatives, it can be difficult for prospective IT students and recent graduates to know which professional path is right for them. After all, the selection of a well-suited career involves far more than technical aptitude. Students and entry-level professionals alike must also consider their goals, personality traits, and skills outside of information technology. Below, we will discuss four common careers for entry-level IT professionals. Discover which path is best for you.

Help Desk Technician

For those progressing from careers in customer service, the help desk can facilitate a smooth transition. Though help desk technicians have the opportunity to strengthen their diagnostic skills, install software, and maintain computer equipment, they must also practice active listening and explain technical information to users. For this reason, the help desk is a good choice for IT professionals with strong communication abilities. In fact, the problem-solving and conflict resolution skills one learns from working the help desk provide great preparation for management positions in the years to come.

Network Support Specialist

Entry-level IT professionals who prefer to work behind the scenes may be better suited to a career in network support. In this role, IT specialists monitor a company’s existing network systems and provide maintenance as needed. Like most positions in information technology, this job will require its fair share of troubleshooting, typically in relation to LAN, WAN, and Internet systems.

Computer Programmer

Slightly more specialized than help desk technicians and network support specialists, computer programmers help make software designs a reality. Though computer programmers can be hired with an IT certificate or associate degree, they will likely need additional training in programming languages, as well. In fact, with the rapid pace of change in modern technology, computer programmers must commit to learning new programming languages and techniques throughout the duration of their career. Thus, programming is best for those who are naturally curious and motivated to pursue continuous education.

Computer Systems Analyst

A bridge between business and technology, computer systems analysts evaluate how IT can most effectively and efficiently meet business needs. This position is a perfect match for those who have transitioned from traditional business roles to a career in IT. Computer systems analysts are generally required to hold a bachelor’s degree, though not necessarily in information technology specifically. An understanding of modern technology gained through a certificate program or associate degree is typically enough to satisfy the technical aspect of the job requirement.

Get the Training You Need to Land an Entry-Level Job in IT

If a lack of education is preventing you from obtaining one of the jobs above, the Career College of Northern Nevada (CCNN) can help. Located near Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Mountains, CCNN’s Sparks campus is pleased to offer an Associate of Occupational Studies in Information Technology that can be completed just 18 months by the average full-time student. Give us a call at 775-241-4445 to learn more about our information technology program. We look forward to hearing from you.

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