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If you are reading this it is safe to assume that you love all things tech and have exciting visions of where the future of technology is headed. This IT program in Northern Nevada will give you the core grounding needed to build a career in IT.

CCNN’s IT courses are geared to set you up for employment on completion of your degree. CCNN works hand in hand with companies to ensure their courses represent the work environment and are relevant. The Information technology specialist program provides you with theory and practical workplace scenarios and is taught by professionals with industry work experience.

During the Information technology specialist program you will study these and other IT courses;


  • Introduction to programming

Explore the basics of software development looking a; variables, control structures, iteration, recursion and objects. The theory and practice of programming are also covered in this course.

  • Cloud computing and Google cloud

Understand how data is stored, managed and processed on internet-hosted servers.

  • Programming Apps for Apple and Android

Learn Java to code Android phone apps and Swift for iOS creations.

  • Intrusion prevention systems (Cyber Security)

Be able to determine the common weak points of networks and data system security, and prevent attacks.

  • Network fundamentals

How networks connect and interact with each other. Build, test, analyze and configure switching and RIP routing networks using Cisco routers, switches and the Packet Tracer simulator. Learn fundamentals of Ethernet switching and IPv4 routing in a Cisco environment.

  • O.S: Windows Desktop, Windows Server, Apple OS

These courses look at the setup and configuration of these operating systems. You will learn the basics from setting up users, managing permissions, running diagnostics, through to the more complex tasks of handling Active directory domain services in disrupted environments with complex network services across multiple locations and domain controllers.

  • Website Development and Management

Handcode and update websites using hypertext markup language with Apache and IIS web servers. You will publish, develop, design and maintain a website.

  • Software Solutions

Discover how various software applications, such as Project, Microsoft Visio and Powerpoint are used as part of daily business operations in the IT field.

  • Customer Service

A focus on the soft skills needed to develop a good rapport with your customers.

  • Mathematics for IT

Work with binary and other number systems to resolve communication protocols and MAC and IP addressing.

  • Electronic mailing systems

This course is a deep dive into the exchange server. Explore standard server-client models, email concepts and protocols.

  • SQL Databases

Familiarize yourself with one of the most popular databases – Microsoft SQL Server, and learn the vital skills of database deployment and administration.

  • Introduction to Unix/Linux

Learn the basics of these operating systems, including; manipulating file and directory systems, network configuration, security setup, access permissions.

  • Virtualization

The virtual environment! Design, create and manage type 1 hypervisors in a mission-critical environment.

  • Project Management and Entrepreneurship

The basics of running a project. From building the project plan, selecting the team, working with management, creating a budget, initiating and implementing your project plan in an effective manner.

If you’d like to enroll for CCNN’s Information Technology Specialist Program, call 775-24-4445 for more detail.

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