Information Technology Specialist Courses At CCNN

Information Technology is a crucial part of our everyday lives and is constantly evolving. Are you thinking about entering the information technology industry but wondering what you’ll learn and what type of courses are required to become an information technology specialist? CCNN offers an Information Technology Specialist program that can be completed in as few as 18 months. The program appeals to students who want to be a part of the exciting world of information technology and support. Below we’ve listed a few courses you’ll take while attending school at CCNN.  

Introduction to Programming

An introduction to the theory and practice of programming. Students will learn the basics of software development such as variables, control structures, iteration, recursion and objects.  

Intrusion Prevention Systems

The goal of this course is to examine and learn how to recognize and counteract against common threats to networks and data system security. Students will learn commonly used attack vectors of malicious actors and how to perform basic white-hat penetration testing. Students will also master the terminology used when discussing system security.  

Switching and Routing

This course focuses heavily on network configuration practice. This class will go into advanced switching concepts like Spanning-Tree Protocol, VLAN Trunking Protocol LAN and Switching diagnostics. After that, students learn the advanced IPv4 routing protocols OSPF, EIGRP and BGP.  

Network Fundamentals

Students will learn network fundamentals of Ethernet switching and IPv4 routing in a Cisco environment. Students will work with Cisco routers, switches and packet tracers. They will learn to build, analyze, test and configure basic switching and RIP routing networks. You will also learn subnet calculations for IPv4 and have a conceptual understanding Local Area Networks and how they connect and interact with the Wide Area Network.  

Programming Apps – Apple SDK & Android SDK

Apple: Students will learn to use the iPhone’s user interface controls in Interface Builder. They will be introduced to Swift and have the opportunity to create and test applications. Android: In this course students will learn the fundamentals of Java programming language, as well as design basic Android apps.  

Some other courses you’ll take at CCNN

  • Computer Architectures A+ Preparation
  • Cloud Computing and Google Cloud
  • Integrations of Mobile Devices in Business Environments
  • SQL Databases
  • Advanced OS: Windows Desktop
  • Advanced OS: Windows Server
  • Advanced OS: Apple OS X
  • Introduction to Unix/Linux

Begin Your Career in IT

Now you know a few of the courses you’ll have the opportunity to take when pursuing a degree as an Information Technology Specialist at CCNN. Are you ready to learn more about the world of IT? Are you ready to begin your career in Information Technology? Contact CCNN today at 775.241.4445 for more information on our Information Technology Specialist program.  
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 Are you considering a career in Information Technology? The field of IT is intertwined with almost every industry. This means that no matter your field of interest – education, business, entertainment, science, etc. – there is a place to use the skills you learn in CCNN’s Information Technology Specialist program. This 18-month program includes coursework in network installation, SQL databases, mobile integration, cloud-based technologies, and front-end and back-end IT support, in addition to instruction in a variety of computer programming languages. You’ll be qualified to take certification exams in A+, CISCO, EMC2 and VMware, giving you access to a variety of IT jobs.





IT Jobs for the Modern Specialist

After completing an IT program from CCNN, you can qualify for positions that allow you to use your problem-solving skills along with specialized languages, hardware and software applications. Some of these positions include:

  • Help Desk Technician: Use problem-solving skills to diagnose issues with software and hardware systems, install updates and new software, and communicate with employees and business leaders about the status of company technology.
  • Network Support Specialists: Troubleshoot internet issues that might include LAN, WAN and wireless connections and configurations as well as monitoring and repairing different components of a company’s networking system.
  • Computer Programmer: Serve as a computer language specialist, learning one or two programming languages in depth and then using that knowledge to code a software design for testing and application.
  • Computer Support Specialist: Represent the technical department of a company or institution. You are the person other employees or higher-ups come to when they have a technical issue. This job combines a customer service role with the technical skills of a computer engineer.


Information Technology Specialist Program at CCNN

Career College of Northern Nevada offers students who live in and around Sparks, NV a high-quality education that can prepare them for a rewarding career in the IT field. Once completed with their hands-on training, students are awarded an Associate of Occupational Studies in Information Technology degree. For more information on our Information Technology Specialist program, request information here or call us at 775-241-4445.



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CCNN’s IT Courses Train You to Become an Information Technology Specialist

Information Technology specialists have important jobs. They maintain networks and computer systems in every type of organization, they evaluate and troubleshoot these systems, they develop applications for smartphones, and they provide computer support. These are just some of the careers IT specialists can pursue, but before you decide on your career path, you need to learn how to work with all of this technology, so you need to get an education. Below are a list of a few classes you’ll take:


Computer Fundamentals

This is one of the first classes you might take because it introduces students to basic computer principles, including hardware, software, and the operating systems. In this course, you could also learn applications such as spreadsheets, presentation software, and word processors. Organizing files, using commands, and navigating the internet are other important skills this course teaches.


Website Development

An introductory website development class will communicate the principles of front and back end development, programming languages like HTML and JavaScript, and development frameworks. If you don’t yet know what all of those things are, don’t worry! This is the course where you’ll learn all these concepts and skills.


Programming Apps

Similar to website development, this course will teach languages and basic skills. For app development, you can learn languages such as Java for Android and Swift for iOS. App programmers and developers make sure that apps are optimized for each device, which usually means a program must be rewritten for multiple devices. Because of this, and because we use our smartphones for just about everything now, app development is a growing field.


Cloud Computing

You’ve probably heard of the “cloud” as a storage space, which just means information is stored in online servers instead of on a computer or a local server. Cloud computing means internet hosted servers store, manage, and process data, and someone needs to manage all of the resources stored on the internet. Careers in cloud computing are various, and one example is a services developer. A cloud services developer designs and builds the tools that help customers use cloud services.


Customer Service

Although this course isn’t technology-focused, the skills it teaches are necessary for many kinds of IT careers. Many careers require you to know how to help people, represent your company well, and find solutions to conflict. Although most of the classes you would take on your path to becoming an IT specialist focus on computers and technology, it’s important to train in a range of skill sets that will help you land a job.


Sign Up for IT Classes at the Career College of Nevada

At the Career College of Northern Nevada, we can help prepare you to enter your IT career. With a wide variety of technology and computer courses, we can give you the skills employers need. Learn more about our Information Technology Specialist program and enroll in IT classes today!

Earn Your IT Degree at CCNN


Located just off I-80 and Sparks Boulevard, the Career College of Northern Nevada (CCNN) offers a unique program that allows the average full-time student to earn an Associate of Occupational Studies in Information Technology in just 18 months. Upon graduation, students are well-versed in a wide variety of modern technologies. Below, you will find three key advantages of the school’s IT program.

Comprehensive Education

As the world of technology is continually evolving, effective IT specialists must be well-rounded and adaptable. At the Career College of Northern Nevada, students learn the value of these attributes quickly. Throughout the course of the program, CCNN students learn how to successfully do all of the following:
• Assemble, repair, and upgrade computer and network hardware
• Install and maintain fiber optics, Wi-Fi, enterprise-grade routers, gateways, and switches
• Integrate iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Android tablets, and cloud-based technologies
• Provide front- and back-end support, such as server administration, remote systems administration, and resource management

Career-Ready Training

The Career College of Northern Nevada understands that most students pursue higher education in order to further their professional growth. For this reason, the college designs their curriculum and selects their classroom materials with the help of local employers throughout Sparks and Reno. In addition, the school continually researches the employment market to ensure their course offerings prepare students for the most in-demand jobs.

Professional Certification

When students graduate from the Career College of Northern Nevada, they often leave with much more than an associate degree. Because the CCNN campus is home to a PearsonVue-certified testing center, students have the option to sit in for a variety of IT certification exams. Some of the center’s most popular certifications include:
• A+
• VMware
• EMC2

Put Your Dreams into Action

In less than two years, you could be sitting in a new office, in a new profession, with a completely new standard of living. All it takes is a few semesters of focused study. Learn more about how you can complete your Associate of Occupation Studies in Information Technology by contacting the Career College of Northern Nevada today. Our admissions representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. CCNN proudly offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid and welcomes prospective students from all walks of life to apply. Simply complete the contact form at the bottom of this page or give us a call at 775-241-4445 to get started.

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