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Find a Stable Career in Machinery Mechanics or Facilities Maintenance


If you’re looking for a stable, well-paying career, pursue facility maintenance or industrial machinery mechanics at CCNN. Maintenance Technicians need to understand how factory equipment works to keep it running efficiently and safely. So, if you were a kid who liked to take things apart to see what made them tick, this is the career for you.

CCNN offers a Facility Maintenance Technician Associate of Occupational Studies Degree that can prepare you to become a maintenance technician. It could also pave the way for a successful career climbing the ladder within the manufacturing industry. With a degree and some real-life experience, you could ascend the chain of command to become a supervisor or foreman.

What does a Facility Maintenance or Industrial Machinery Mechanic Tech Do?

Machinery Mechanics/Maintenance Technicians work with engineers to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair factory equipment. They work in a variety of environments such as auto factories, food processing plants, and manufacturing. The median annual salary for an industrial machinery mechanic is $51,000, so you can earn a solid and stable living while pursuing the mechanical and technical knowledge you like.

Skills Needed to Become a Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technicians need to have solid communication skills, the ability to troubleshoot and solve problems, interest in understanding how things work, and the desire to imagine how something will look if it is moved or its parts rearranged. These skills lay the foundation for a successful education as a Machinery Maintenance student, and they will be useful in your career. Supervisors or foremen need skills beyond the technical skills machinery maintenance technicians have. Skills in monitoring quality control, organizing shifts, paperwork, and communication are all useful when supervising people. CCNN’s Facility Maintenance Technician program includes courses on quality assurance, word processing and spreadsheets, and technical writing—all of which can prepare students to eventually take on management roles.

Advance to a Supervisor or Foreman Role

You might choose to maintain your facility or machine maintenance career for a long time, or you could climb the ladder. Start out in production, and gain the experience to become a supervisor. CCNN’s associate degree can give you a leg up, and the focus of the degree can demonstrate to future employers that you have skills in mechanics, engineering, technology, and production—not just general business skills. That specified knowledge can help you stand out from the competition. Once you’ve become a maintenance technician, CCNN’s associate degree in Facility Maintenance can help prepare you to ascend the ranks. Because most employers prefer their supervisors or foremen to have a degree as well as experience, CCNN’s Maintenance Technician degree can open new career doors and help you take control of your future.


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