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Maintenance Technician Skills

December 25, 2018

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Qualities of a Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technicians do not only have to be able to work with mechanical elements and be able to diagnose and repair system issues, but there are key personality traits that are beneficial to becoming a facility maintenance technician.



The ideal skill set for someone moving into maintenance technician roles includes:

  • Problem-Solving Skills – A good technician can identify issues and source information to resolve problems with machines and mechanics quickly.
  • IT Skills – Must have the basic computer knowledge to update computerized logging systems as well as work within any company specific programming.
  • Comfortable in Team Work – Obviously you must work with other maintenance colleagues, but you also need to be able to work cohesively with personnel on the line in manufacturing facilities, upper management and external maintenance to repair systems that require higher level/product specific workmanship.
  • Time Management – must be able to plan and execute routine maintenance activities as well as responding to troubleshooting requests and unexpected equipment issues.
  • Attention to Detail – Going along with problem solving skills, attention to detail allows you to be able to spot issues efficiently and quickly. A malfunction may be caused by one small piece being dislodged and it is your duty to spot that quickly to prevent extended down time.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills – A maintenance technician must be able to clearly report issues and problems and provide clear instruction to most quickly repair malfunctions.
  • Written communication skills – have to be able to read and interpret maintenance documentation, manuals, and plans. Also, have to keep required documentation up to date to ensure compliance with internal and external manufacturing guidelines.
  • Proactive – carrying out preventive checks and routine inspections must be able to see potential issues, take corrective measures and anticipate ongoing needs. May also be required to keep a stock of spare parts, ordering and replacing as necessary.

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