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What is a Maintenance Technician

December 6, 2018

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Manufacturing Maintenance Technician


A Maintenance Technician within a manufacturing company will be tasked with routine maintenance of manufacturing equipment as well as helping to troubleshoot when issues arise.

As in most industrial environments, maintenance is a key feature of the company. The maintenance team will be involved in routine maintenance procedures as well as helping to troubleshoot issues should they happen with equipment in the manufacturing process, without maintenance workers ensuring top working order of integral parts of production, sales and production slow, costs go up and cutbacks take place.

The ultimate purpose of a maintenance team is to keep an efficient and safe work environment operational. Failure in this can result in a reduced output of product or compromised quality standards which can lead to faulty product.

Downtime of the manufacturing line should be minimized. Ultimately, these things result in loss of revenue for the company. For that reason, the role of maintenance is an extremely important one within a facility or manufacturing site.

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