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Guarantee to Employers

Career College of Northern Nevada’s primary objective is to provide a valuable “product” to the employment community. To meet that objective we use equipment commonly found in the field and training aids. Our faculty consists of highly skilled and experienced instructors.

Our “hands-on” method of training ensures our graduates have the practical and theoretical skills necessary to become productive employees in today’s workforce. Employers can be confident that Career College of Northern Nevada graduates are fully qualified in their chosen fields of study.

To all prospective and current employers of Career College of Northern Nevada graduates, we offer the following GUARANTEE:

If during the first six months of a Career College Graduate’s employment you find that he or she is lacking in any skills derived from the Career College of Northern Nevada training program, the graduate employee will be given additional training by Career College of Northern Nevada necessary to remedy the training deficiency. The training is provided at no cost to you or to the graduate.


If you have a position open that you would like to discuss with our placement department, you can email or you can fax us a job description at (775) 856-0935. You may also call (775) 856-CCNN (2266) and ask to speak with a Graduate Services representative.