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Best Medical Office Careers

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4 Hot Careers in Health Information Management

Are you curious about a career in healthcare, but aren’t interested in working directly with patient care? Maybe you do not relish the idea of giving shots, you’re more introverted, or you just like the work of managing data. Whatever reasons lead you to a medical office career, here are some of our favorites. Whichever of these career paths you choose to follow, CCNN’s Health Information Management Program can help you land one of the best medical office careers.


Medical Biller & Coder

Medical Billing & Coding is an important step in the process of ensuring patients’ insurance coverage is working. If you pursue this career path, you will read patient charts and transcribe patients’ medical history with a series of established medical codes. Medical Billers & Coders are detail-oriented, and must keep up-to-date on changing insurance guidelines. They also enjoy a more traditional schedule than many medical professionals, and some are even able to work from home.


Health Information Technician

Also referred to as Medical Records Technicians, Health Information Technicians manage health data. They work to organize large amounts of information, verifying its accuracy and security, and they must know the software and codes used for managing the data. Importantly, Health Information Technicians also work to ensure the confidentiality of patient information, working with registered nurses and other medical professionals.


Electronic Claims Processor

Electronic Claims Processors are a part of the larger health information management system. By gaining expertise in electronic claims specifically, these technicians help keep administrative costs low, productivity high, and processing quicker and smoother—even to the point of increasing claim acceptance rates. If you like working with technology and are detail-oriented, this might be the career for you.


Medical Office Manager

Most of the careers on this list do not involve much interaction with patients, but Medical Office Managers are responsible for ensuring patient satisfaction. They work in physicians’ offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities to manage the non-clinical aspects of the office. Their duties include: supervising patient scheduling, developing and maintaining policies, managing filing, staffing the office, and overseeing the financial performance of the office. Medical Office Managers should be very organized, detail-oriented, and good with people.


How to Land one of the Best Medical Office Careers

The above careers all have strong job outlook, each expected to perform better than average in the next decade. So, you can look forward to a stable and secure career that allows you to make a difference even if you are not engaging with patients directly. At CCNN, we believe you have a great future, and our Health Information Management Program can take you there! Learn more today.


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