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What Does A Health Information Technician Do?

May 27, 2020

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There are many jobs in the healthcare industry that go beyond the usual practitioner and nursing positions. One of the most interesting is Health Information Technician. These professionals play an important role in helping patients as well as doctors. But what does a Health Information Technician do?

What is a Health Information Technician?

While the title might seem imposing, the job of a Health Information Technician is easy to define. Health Information Management professionals primarily work with the data that comes about in the practice of treating and working with patients. The type of information available to technicians covers everything from medical histories to geographical data. People who decide to pursue this profession are counted on for providing the most accurate information, while also protecting that information.

What Skills are Involved with Health Information Technicians?

Of all the skills involved with this profession, arguably the most important is knowledge of computers. Anyone pursuing a career in this field should have basic computer skills. Training in a Health Information Management program can help students expand their knowledge to include the specific programs and software related to technicians.

Additionally, establishing and retaining open lines of communication with all of the professionals involved is essential. Many times, having this direct line prevents additional issues, as well as any mistakes that could hamper treatment. Similarly, Health Information Technicians should keep an eye out for problems in record keeping. By remaining vigilant to these possible errors, these professionals can prevent costly and potentially dangerous situations.

What are the Duties Involved with Health Information Management?

Health Information Technicians have a bright future in the medical field. Much of this comes from the constant need for healthcare. Like many jobs in the field, retaining a job relies on keeping focused on central duties as well as an education in a reputable Health Information Management program

Technicians often work with patient medical records and oversee insurance billing and coding processes for hospitals, physicians’ offices and other medical facilities. Health Information Technicians may also assist nurses and doctors with their daily tasks, so a knowledge of medical terminology is important to become successful in this career path. A working knowledge of laws and regulations can also prevent any issues related to healthcare providers.

What Education is Needed for Health Information Management?

Health Information Technicians play a crucial role in the healthcare industry. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, a Health Information Management program at CCNN may be the right path for you. CCNN’s program can be completed in as little as 18 months. Contact CCNN today at 775-241-4445 for more information on our Health Information Management program.



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