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Health Information Management Training

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At Career College of Northern Nevada, health information management training is a comprehensive program consisting of lectures in traditional classroom settings as well as hands-on training in labs.

The Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Health Information Management can be completed in as little as 18 months. The instructors will help you develop skills to succeed and become a valuable member of a healthcare team in medical billing and coding, health care administration, surgery scheduling, insurance, credentialing and medical records.

In addition to what you’ll learn in class, there are certain characteristics that can help graduates succeed and enjoy their health information management careers.


Health information technicians must understand and follow medical diagnoses and convert information into the proper codes for medical records. You must be able to understand and follow diagnoses to determine how to code them in a patient’s medical records properly.


Health information management professionals interact with a variety of people, including physicians, patients, office staff, and finance personnel. You will need to be able to discuss patient information, discrepancies, and data requirements quickly and efficiently.


Doctors and nurses rely on complete, accurate information to provide the very best healthcare possible. You will be responsible for making sure the patients’ data is managed accurately and efficiently.


By law, all patient information is required to be kept confidential. You must exercise caution when working with this information in order to protect patient confidentiality.


Depending on the size and scope of the practice, there may be only a few patients a day, or there may be dozens. With a variety of responsibilities, it is essential to prioritize tasks and complete your work in a timely manner.

Technically skilled

Health records are maintained electronically, so technology plays an important role for those in health information management jobs. The ability to learn new software will be as important as how quickly you can master the new ICD-10 codes.

Now is the right time to get health information management training!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical records and health information technicians is expected to increase by 22% by 2022. If you’re considering a career in health care, call CCNN at 775-241-4445


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