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How Hard Is It to Get A HVAC Certification?

May 31, 2023

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Obtaining an HVAC certification can be a challenging and time-consuming process. As with any technical certification, specific requirements must be met before you can become certified. These requirements include completing courses, acquiring work experience, and passing one or more exams.

While the process of getting HVAC certified can seem daunting, Career College of Northern Nevada makes it easy with our HVAC/R service technician program. In our hands-on curriculum you will be equipped with the tools you need to succeed in this industry.

This article will discuss the steps to obtain your HVAC certification and find employment opportunities.

Why Is Certification Important?

Becoming certified as an HVAC technician is essential because technicians often work with refrigerants, which can be harmful to the environment if not handled correctly. Refrigerants used in HVAC systems are potent greenhouse gases that can contribute to global warming when released into the atmosphere. Certification programs provide training on how to handle refrigerants safely, preventing leaks and minimizing the environmental impact.

Technicians who are certified demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to work with these chemicals responsibly, protecting the environment and public health.

At Career College of Northern Nevada, we will help you learn more about the chemicals you’ll be using and how to be safe when repairing, maintaining or installing systems.

Steps to Become a Certified HVAC Technician

The steps to obtain an HVAC certification from Career College of Northern Nevada provide a clear and structured roadmap for you to follow. Meeting the eligibility requirements ensures that you will have a strong foundation to begin your studies in the HVAC industry.


Here are the steps you can take to obtain your HVAC certification.

  1. Meet the eligibility requirements: You must have a high school diploma or equivalent, pass an admissions interview, and demonstrate a commitment to the HVAC industry.


  1. Complete the program: You will complete coursework in HVAC technology and receive hands-on training in labs. You will also learn about electrical circuits, HVAC design, refrigeration, and more.


  1. Pass the certification exam: After completing the program, you will take the certification exam. This exam is designed to test their knowledge of HVAC technology and ensure that you are prepared for a career in the field.


  1. Obtain EPA certification: As an HVAC technician, you will use refrigerants to repair systems, and these refrigerants can be harmful to the environment if released. Therefore, you will need to obtain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification to handle refrigerants safely.


The structured coursework and hands-on training at Career College of Northern Nevada can help you build the knowledge and skills you need to pass the certification exam and be successful in your HVAC career. Obtaining EPA certification is also an important step as it ensures that you are aware of the potential environmental impacts of refrigerants and know how to handle them safely.

Overall, completing these steps can help prepare you for a rewarding career as an HVAC technician.


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