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Growing Careers in Industrial Electronics

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What You Can Do with a Degree in Industrial Electronics Technology


You’re fascinated by technology, you enjoy solving problems, and you work best with your hands. You know you’d like to study industrial electronics, but you’re not sure where such a degree might take you after graduation. While the possibilities are broad, there are three growing careers in industrial electronics that you should consider pursuing. Read on to see if one could be right for you.

Fiber Optic Technician

As a fiber optic technician, you could be the manpower behind many modern forms of communication. Fiber optic cables transmit TV, Internet, and telephone signals using threads of glass. And because fiber optic cables are lighter, thinner, and more efficient than their metal counterparts — not to mention less susceptible to interference—their use is only expected to increase. This increase, in turn, correlates with a greater demand for fiber optic technicians.


Safety & Surveillance Equipment Technician

Looking for a career with thrill? If so, a job in safety and surveillance may be your best match. Equipment technicians monitor the surveillance cameras that help law enforcement officials stop crime and keep organizations safe. Though equipment technicians work behind the scenes, they are often the first to spot and report suspicious behavior. While this can provide equipment technicians with an exciting rush of adrenaline, the work they do is also quite rewarding as it protects the community at large. In addition to watching surveillance cameras, safety equipment technicians also install, update, and troubleshoot a variety of digital monitoring systems. Therefore, they make use of the many technical skills acquired in an industrial electronics degree program.

Equipment Calibration Technician

These professionals can be thought of as the “perfectionists” of the industrial electronics industry, as they primarily work to ensure measurement accuracy. Calibration technicians provide routine testing and inspection, along with subsequent maintenance and repairs, across a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Thus, if your strengths lie in analysis and attention to detail, equipment calibration could be an excellent role for you.

Train for These Growing Careers in Industrial Electronics at CCNN

No matter the specific area of focus, careers in industrial electronics require a fundamental understanding of engineering and technology. That’s why the Career College of Northern Nevada (CCNN) has designed a program that provides aspiring industrial electronics professionals with a comprehensive set of skills. With a rigorous course load, CCNN’s Associate of Occupational Studies in Industrial Electronics Technology degree can be completed in less than two years. Alternatively, the program can be paced more slowly for those who are working full-time or raising children. At CCNN, we adapt to fit your needs. Contact us at 775-241-4445 to schedule a campus visit and learn more about our industrial electronics technology program today.