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Take This Short Quiz to See If You’d Make a Good Industrial Electronics Technician


Some of your favorite high school classes were:
A. Art, drama, and choir
B. English, history, and psychology
C. Algebra, physics, and philosophy


You’d like a job where you:

A. Create things and work with your hands
B. Work with a team rather than by yourself
C. Solve problems and develop effective solutions


You would hate a career that:
A. Required you to push papers behind a desk all day
B. Didn’t make a meaningful impact on others
C. Failed to challenge you intellectually


You’d prefer to spend a Saturday:
A. Drawing, going to a concert, or visiting your local art gallery
B. With friends and family — it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing as long as you’re with people you love
C. Playing your favorite video game or challenging someone in chess


Those closest to you would describe you as:
A. Unique and full of ideas
B. Outgoing and helpful
C. Rational and down to earth

What Your Answers Say About You

Mostly A’s

You’re creative. Though “creativity” may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of industrial electronics, it’s a trait that will serve you well in the industry. Creativity is a product of lateral thinking — the same pattern of thinking required to solve problems. Like all technology professionals, industrial electronics technicians spend a significant portion of their day solving problems, so the ability to devise ingenious solutions is a tremendous skill to have. So, is a career in industrial electronics right for you? It’s hard to say, as industrial electronics is a broad discipline that requires a diverse skill set. If you believe industrial electronics is a field you’d enjoy, reach out to the Career College of Northern Nevada at (775) 241-4445 to speak with an academic advisor about the profession in more detail.

Mostly B’s

You’re a people person. Like creativity, sociability isn’t always an attribute the general population associates with careers in technology. However, communication skills are extremely important for industrial electronics professionals. Industrial electronics technicians generally work closely with engineers in a team environment. Therefore, it is crucial for them to effectively interpret and convey information in order to complete projects accurately and efficiently. In addition, since not everyone in this profession hones their soft skills, your knack for working well with others may make you stand out for promotions, especially those into management. So, is a career in industrial electronics right for you? That depends on a few things. Though your social savvy will get you far, it is not a replacement for technical knowledge. Call the Career College of Northern Nevada at (775) 241-4445 to discuss the requirements of this profession with an academic advisor.

Mostly C’s

You’re analytical. So, is a career in industrial electronics right for you? There’s a high possibility. Many industrial electronic technologies are based in mathematics, electricity, robotics and C++ programming. These disciplines are best learned through a logical, systematic frame of mind. Furthermore, when industrial electronic systems encounter glitches, their functionally is most easily restored through a thorough, investigative look at the problem — something analytical people generally do well. Of all three types, you’re the most natural fit for a career in industrial electronics. Even so, your future career is something you must research in detail. Contact the Career College of Northern Nevada at (775) 241-4445 for further information about the industrial electronics industry.