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7 Signs You Should Be Working in IT

March 25, 2020

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Have you been asking yourself which industry to move into? What if you’re thinking about healthcare, IT, or welding but can’t decide which one would be best? This is the job you’ll have for many years to come, right? Well, you may have noticed signs you should be working in IT and didn’t even know it. Here are seven signs you should be working in IT.

  1. You have a desire to learn new things
  2. You’re interested in the growing tech industries
  3. You prefer change
  4. You admire culture-valuing companies
  5. You have a low-costing barrier
  6. You are searching for job diversity
  7. You seek optimism



1. You Have a Desire to Learn New Skills

You may have chances to contribute to multiple IT projects and even pivot between different projects within the same timeframe in a new IT job. An IT company can introduce you to different programming languages, application creation and tracking methods, and IT security procedures. You can sometimes take your cultivated tech skill set with you as an independent IT specialist.


2. You’re Interested in the Growing Tech Industries

There are countless tech startups these days. Most companies have a dedicated IT department or contract with an IT consultant or IT specialist. Also, positions in web development, network systems administration, systems analyst and information technology management are steadily being paid more. If you want to try a job in a new field, looking into a data science career may be a smart move.


3. You Prefer Change

The tech industry is responsible for the greatest growth of new job positions. Many new jobs were created in the past couple of decades to meet the demands of this rapidly expanding field. Some of these new jobs include Mobile App Designer, Data Scientist, Applications Developer, Chief Technology Officers, Data Analyst, iOS Developers and Cloud Solution Architects. Soon IT will likely restructure how other industries operate. If these rapidly changing IT events intrigue you, this field might be the right one for you.


4. You Admire Culture-Valuing Companies

IT startups and even large corporations are paying for common employee complaints about the work cultures of other industries. If a productive and effective work culture is important to you, IT may be a good fit. The work may sometimes be tedious and strenuous, but coffee bars and gaming rooms are the new rage. Google, anyone?


5. You Have a Low-Costing Educational Barrier

Let’s face it – college is expensive! When you’re ready to take the next step toward a better future, it is likely you’ve thought about college. You may have even begun researching the right college for you. Then the tuition fees popped up on your screen. Quick exit! It is possible you’ll have a better chance at landing IT positions with a career college diploma or an IT Certification. CCNN offers an Information Technology Specialist program that can be completed in as few as 18 months. This is much quicker and cheaper than a 4-year college degree.


6. You are Searching for Job Diversity

What is great about IT is that it has found its way into all industries. There are many types of IT jobs for fields such as healthcare, insurance, aerospace, engineering, retail and energy. This means you can change industries without having to change careers.


7. You Seek Optimism

Many people get into IT careers because they want to truly improve people’s lives. If you want to surround yourself with that sort of drive and passion each workday, you should look start looking for IT jobs.


Information Technology Specialist Program at CCNN

So, are all the signs clear? Let CCNN help answer any additional questions you may have about our Information Technology Specialist program. Call us today at 775-241-4445 or fill out the form below for more information.



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