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Best IT Jobs In 2020

December 11, 2019

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IT professionals in 2020 and beyond have massive opportunities for employment. Information technology is one of the few industries safe from obsoletion and automation. Looking for an exciting new career in tech? Below are some of the highest-paying, best IT jobs in 2020 and beyond.


  1. Big Data Engineer

Data is the life-force fueling many technological processes and advances. In 2020 and beyond, businesses will need IT professionals who can take large amounts of raw data and transform it into usable and highly-valuable information for crucial strategies and decision-making. The median salary? A cool $163,250 per year.

  1. Mobile App Developer

For practically anything you need, there’s an app for that. But somebody has to design and create those innovative apps for your smartphones and tablets. The demand for mobile application developers is sure to increase in the near future. These IT professionals can expect a salary midpoint of $146,500.

  1. Applications Architect

Someone has to develop the apps, but who makes the apps easy to use, engaging, and ideal for simplifying your life? An Applications Architect, who is expected to make $141,750 as a mean salary. These IT professionals are responsible for designing the main parts of an app, such as the infrastructure, middleware, and user-interface. Good at planning and communicating? This might be the 2020 IT job for you.

  1. Data Security Analyst

Those with thorough attention to detail, keen problem-solving skills, and a strong knowledge of security trends and regulations may want to consider becoming a data security analyst. These IT professionals handle computer and network security, along with firewall admin, network protocols, and encryption technology. The midpoint salary for data security analysts is $129,000.

  1. Software Engineer

One of the most stable and secure IT jobs is software engineering. Software engineers create engineering specifications for software and apps, too. Strong communication skills, fluency in a specific programming language, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science are required. Median salary? $125,750.

  1. Cloud and Wireless Network Engineer

The increase in consumers and businesses using cloud and wireless technology is a significant reason why these IT pros and in-demand, and demand is not scheduled to drop anytime soon. A Wireless Network/Cloud Engineer is an expert in wireless equipment, standards, and WLAC design. If you’re analytical and a good problem-solver, this IT job is worth considering. The median starting salary for cloud and wireless network engineers is $123,750.

  1. Systems Engineer

Are you skilled at communicating with non-technical users about technical information? Systems Engineer may be the career path for you. These valued, in-demand IT pros support the technical infrastructure of an organization, including system software and hardware. They maintain the system, reconfigure, and debug it when failures occur. The midpoint salary for a systems engineer is $106,000.


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