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CCNN’s IT Degree Can Prepare You for a Variety of Opportunities

You have likely heard that pursuing a career in IT is a good plan because information technology is all around us. Every industry uses computers, many types of businesses rely on networks, and the internet is becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. If you are interested in working with computers, websites, networks, and more, then you are ready to learn more about what it would take to get an IT education and what kinds of careers that would prepare you for. Read on to find answers to those and other questions you might have about your future career.

 IT Classes

What You’ll Learn

When you enroll in CCNN’s Information Technology Specialist program, you will take a wide variety of classes intended to give you the skills employers are looking for. With courses in website development, application programming, and cloud computing, you can learn about exciting new evolutions in technology. Additionally, you’ll be taught customer service, network fundamentals, advanced courses in Windows, and electronic mailing systems. This diverse curriculum is designed to prepare you for a variety of career paths.

Types of Jobs

The spectrum of career paths you can pursue in IT is large, as there are many opportunities in the field. Entry-level specialists can find jobs in network support or as help desk technicians, computer programmers, and systems analysts. As you build your career and gain more experience and skills, the options grow. IT Specialists work in cybersecurity, as network administrators, and many other growing fields.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in information technology are expected to grow 12% between 2018 and 2028. That’s higher than average for most occupations, so the growth is strong. A wide variety of industries need IT specialists, so you can have options and flexibility when developing your career.

Advantages of an IT Career

A good job outlook and vast opportunities are not the only benefits of pursuing this career path. IT jobs also provide intellectual stimulation, atmospheres full of inspiration, and the fulfillment of being on the edge of developing technology. You can also feel accomplished at the end of the day knowing you have helped people do their jobs more efficiently or use information technology to accomplish their daily tasks.

How to Earn your IT Degree

Now that you have a better understanding of what is included in earning a degree in information technology, you’re ready to start planning your future. Call 775-241-4445 to learn more about CCNN’s Information Technology Specialist program today.