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IT Classes

March 19, 2019

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CCNN’s IT Courses Train You to Become an Information Technology Specialist

Information Technology specialists have important jobs. They maintain networks and computer systems in every type of organization, they evaluate and troubleshoot these systems, they develop applications for smartphones, and they provide computer support. These are just some of the careers IT specialists can pursue, but before you decide on your career path, you need to learn how to work with all of this technology, so you need to get an education. Below are a list of a few classes you’ll take:


Computer Fundamentals

This is one of the first classes you might take because it introduces students to basic computer principles, including hardware, software, and the operating systems. In this course, you could also learn applications such as spreadsheets, presentation software, and word processors. Organizing files, using commands, and navigating the internet are other important skills this course teaches.


Website Development

An introductory website development class will communicate the principles of front and back end development, programming languages like HTML and JavaScript, and development frameworks. If you don’t yet know what all of those things are, don’t worry! This is the course where you’ll learn all these concepts and skills.


Programming Apps

Similar to website development, this course will teach languages and basic skills. For app development, you can learn languages such as Java for Android and Swift for iOS. App programmers and developers make sure that apps are optimized for each device, which usually means a program must be rewritten for multiple devices. Because of this, and because we use our smartphones for just about everything now, app development is a growing field.


Cloud Computing

You’ve probably heard of the “cloud” as a storage space, which just means information is stored in online servers instead of on a computer or a local server. Cloud computing means internet hosted servers store, manage, and process data, and someone needs to manage all of the resources stored on the internet. Careers in cloud computing are various, and one example is a services developer. A cloud services developer designs and builds the tools that help customers use cloud services.


Customer Service

Although this course isn’t technology-focused, the skills it teaches are necessary for many kinds of IT careers. Many careers require you to know how to help people, represent your company well, and find solutions to conflict. Although most of the classes you would take on your path to becoming an IT specialist focus on computers and technology, it’s important to train in a range of skill sets that will help you land a job.

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