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Why Working In IT Is Not Boring

July 22, 2020

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Have you always thought working in IT would be boring? Because of the misconception that information technology specialists are nerds who spend most of their time in coffee shops or indoors writing cryptic codes, some people may be discouraged from pursuing this career path.

Well, long are gone when a specialist in information technology spent the better part of their day punching 0s and 1s into computer programs. With the evolution of the internet, IT careers are providing some of the most fascinating positions in the job market with good returns.

Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows IT jobs will increase by 12% between 2018 and 2028. More importantly, an information technology specialist will have the opportunity to diversify and work in different industries and sectors.


That’s why at Career College of Northern Nevada (CCNN), we encourage you to consider pursuing IT for a career path.


1. IT is an Evolving Landscape

Have you ever been stuck in a monotonous career? It has never been a pleasant feeling. That’s why CCNN wants to offer you an opportunity to pursue a career in IT. This career path is for people who like to plan, coordinate, and direct the implementation and support of the information technology systems that drive modern enterprise.

Information technology is a fast-paced industry. While working in IT, you get a chance to interact with cutting-edge technologies, explore new brands and create new experiences. An information technology specialist is acquainted with the latest trends in technology while overcoming new challenges every day.


2. Diversity of Jobs and Responsibilities

Shifting roles and responsibilities in IT careers can be simple. This is because there is a diversity of information technology job positions and responsibilities in different sectors and industries. You can change industries without having to change careers. More importantly, you’ll experience new exciting challenges every day.

Depending on the job description and type, an information technology specialist faces an array of engaging assignments that keep them occupied and alert, which reduces boredom. Just imagine trying to reverse a computer virus, which could otherwise bring the whole business to a stop. This responsibility gives you not only a sense of pride but also a feeling of importance.


3. Advanced Skills and Problem-Solving Abilities

Whether you’re working on a desktop or mobile, you’re generally always solving complex problems. The experience gained by specialists in coding, web creation, mitigation of hacker’s viruses and many more IT-related tasks, helps them to operate on multi-disciplinary problems. IT Specialists have improved abilities in making systems function faster, more efficient and user-friendly.



Get Started at CCNN

Are you interested in starting a career in IT but not sure where to get started? CCNN offers an Information Technology Specialist program that can provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to assemble, repair and upgrade computers and network hardware. You’ll be able to install and maintain complex networks that include: cabling and other forms of communication media, routers, firewalls and switches. Contact CCNN at 775.241.4445 for more information about our Information Technology Specialist program.


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