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Medical Assisting Skills You’ll Need To Build A Successful Career

September 28, 2020

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Medical Assistants perform a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks. They are the front lines in physicians’ offices, hospitals and urgent care centers. Are you interested in entering the medical field but not sure where to start? CCNN offers a Medical Assistant program that can be completed in as little as 16.5 months.

Through a 160-hour externship, you’ll receive real-world clinical experience to help you thrive upon graduation. But what are the Medical Assisting skills you’ll need to build a successful career?


1. Great Listening and Comprehension Skills

Medical assistants need to listen carefully to the needs and concerns of patients throughout the day. Likewise, nurses and doctors will give the medical assistant detailed instructions to follow and you will need to remember everything to ensure no essential detail is forgotten.

2. Being Personable

Medical assistant jobs require you to interact professionally with people throughout the day. At times, you will need to converse with patients to make them feel comfortable. The more personable you are, the more comfortable the patient will feel under your watch, relieving them of stress and anxiety.

3. Organization Skills

Organization is one of the key skills medical assistants must have. Organization could involve handling paperwork of different patients, keeping a tight schedule of patients you need to see, or keeping track of vaccines or treatments a patient has received.

4. Flexibility

Since many patients will want to be treated in a specific way based on their needs and desires, medical assistants must be able to adapt to make their stay at the hospital the most comfortable for them.

5. Following Orders

In the medical field, many medical assistants are trusted by doctors to carry out vital tasks to keep operations running smoothly. A medical assistant must be able to follow directions by superiors.

6. Understanding

As many patients will be feeling pain or discomfort, you must be sympathetic. One of the key medical assistant skills is compassion for your patients, so you can work together to get them the treatment they need.

7. Self-Controlled

Medical assistants must have self-control and maintain a professional composure no matter what. Dealing with death or an undesirable test result on a daily basis can make working in healthcare an emotional place. Patients may blame the medical assistant for their problems so remaining calm is extremely important.

8. Punctual

In order to be a successful medical assistant, you will need to be punctual. This means arriving to meetings or appointments on time, submitting patient files to professionals on time and giving patients’ vaccinations or treatments on time.

Medical Assistant Program at CCNN

Do you have the skills needed to build your medical assisting career? Are you ready to jump start your career in healthcare? Contact CCNN at 775.241.4445 for more information on our Medical Assistant program.



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