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Why Medical Assistants are Important to Healthcare

February 18, 2019

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What Makes Medical Assistants Important

All healthcare employees help people and have a great impact on their patients. Medical Assistants are special because they work in so many aspects of healthcare and interact with patients and employees at every level. This makes them essential healthcare workers. Here are some more reasons Medical Assistants are important to healthcare.


Medical Assistants Influence Perception of Healthcare

Did you know that the medical professionals you see when you get to a physician’s appointment are not usually nurses? The people who take your blood pressure and history are often Medical Assistants. These important healthcare employees are the first point of contact for patients. They must be warm, welcoming, and help make patients comfortable. MA’s set the tone for a patient’s experience, and they can even influence how people feel about healthcare in general. This means they are the first line of defense: if patients have a good initial experience, they are more likely to continue prioritizing their health.


Medical Assistants are Multitasking Heroes

Medical Assistants have a wide variety of responsibilities every day. They check patients in, collect samples, organize and document charts, and assist doctors. They can even earn certifications in CPR or phlebotomy, giving them even more opportunities. All of these tasks are important and help the practice or institution run smoothly, freeing up doctors and ensuring the best patient care.


Medical Assistants Make Healthcare Run Smoothly

MA’s work with patients, doctors, insurance companies—everyone in the healthcare process. Since they understand every aspect, Medial Assistants can help explain to patients why certain tests or procedures are necessary, they can advocate for the patients with a physician, and they understand the complicated aspects of insurance. Knowing the system as well as they do, Medical Assistants help the entire process work for everyone involved.


Learn More about How Medical Assistants are Important to Healthcare

Medical Assistants help make modern healthcare possible. If this career sounds exciting to you, learn more about CCNN’s Medical Assisting Program today, and become an important part of healthcare.