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How to Receive Your Medical Assistant Certification

October 24, 2019

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Medical Assisting is a great career option for those who want to be in the medical field without the hours, degrees, and obligations other medical professionals are subject to. Whether you enjoy working with patients or managing office-related tasks, there is a place in medical assisting for you. But how do you get your Medical Assistant Certification?

Earn Your Diploma or GED

The first step to getting certified is finishing high school or earning your GED. If you did not graduate from high school, look into your local GED certification courses and exams. There are also many resources to help you prepare for the exam—from courses, to online study guides, to books you can check out from your local library.

Assess Your Interests

To make sure that Medical Assisting Certification is right for you and to help you determine what type of position might best suit you, evaluate your soft skills and interests. Do you like the medical and clinical aspects of the career? Would you rather take on administrative tasks because the sight of blood makes you queasy? Most small medical practices require that MAs do both, but a larger organization may have specific tasks—either administrative or clinical.

Find an Accredited Program

At CCNN, our Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in Medical Assisting can pave the way for a long and fulfilling career. Take the next step and apply to our program where you can receive your Medical Assistant Degree.

Tip: Carefully read the application guidelines and make sure you’ve included all the necessary information.

Study Hard

Once you’ve applied to our program, it’s time to learn. Pay attention in your coursework, apply yourself diligently in your externship, and soak in everything you need to learn. The more you pay attention now, the easier your certification exam will be.

Take the Certification Exam

Once you have graduated, you will be eligible to take the CMA Certification Exam. Only graduates of the accredited program may sit for the exam. You must also complete a practicum or externship to take the exam.

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If you’re ready for a career in an industry where you can make a difference in people’s lives, become a Medical Assistant. For more information about the Medical Assisting program at CCNN, call 775-241-4445.