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Orientation is required for all new students and is held each term before the start of classes. At this time, students are introduced to key faculty and staff members, as well as many of the College policies and procedures. The spouse and/or family of the student are welcome and highly encouraged to attend the orientation.

Advising Services

The objective of the advising program is to guide and assist each student with developing his/her capabilities to their fullest potential. Beginning with New Student Orientation and continuing throughout each student’s CCNN career, the College’s faculty and staff are a ready source of assistance.

While in College, each student undergoes many adjustments, both academic and personal, and the transition is not always as smooth as one would hope it to be. Faculty and staff work with each student in order to help him/her make the transition more smoothly. As students near the end of their college career advising services and support shifts emphasis to career planning assistance, which is managed by the Career Services office. See discussion below for more information regarding this important program and resource.

Library and Learning Resource Center

Our Learning Resource Center (LRC) contains volumes directly related to business and technical training in specialized areas. These reference materials, supplemental textbooks, and other related materials, may be used in the classroom. Current trade publications are available for student use. Access is provided and students are strongly encouraged to use the Internet as a source of reference. The college also subscribes to Learning Information Resource Network (LIRN); instructions on logging into this service are found in the library, and also available from the college’s instructors.

Career Services

The primary purpose of the Career Services Office is to help Career College of Northern Nevada students obtain employment in their areas of specialization upon graduation. Satisfactory completion of the program course-work is the first step in the employment process. The College will provide training in various job-seeking skills through workshops and individual counseling.

The Career Services representative works with each student prior to graduation to determine areas of employment interest and to explore placement options. Graduates are then notified of appropriate opportunities as they arise. Continuous placement assistance is available to all Career College of Northern Nevada alumni even after the graduate’s first job. Although it is impossible to guarantee each graduate a job, our past success indicates Career College of Northern Nevada graduates are welcomed by local business and industry. You may obtain recent placement data from our Career Services office or by visiting the college’s website at

Career Services also assists in the coordination of the student’s Externship process by identifying employers who are willing to host a student extern.

Part-time Employment

Career College of Northern Nevada maintains and continually develops a list of available part-time job leads to help students pay their living and educational expenses. Upon starting classes, all students who request part-time employment will be given assistance in this area.

Student Activities

Extracurricular activities, which have included various student committees, College newspaper, social functions, field trips, and athletics, vary from year to year according to the inclination of the students.


Career College of Northern Nevada does not provide any housing for students. Students must make their own arrangements for housing. Housing and numerous apartment complexes are located within a reasonable distance from the campus.