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7-Step Student Survival Guide to Career College Success

July 23, 2019

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When you picture the first day of school, what do you see? For many, starting a new school year conjures a feeling of nervous anticipation that sometimes borders on downright panic. Fortunately, that’s not the case at Career College of Northern Nevada, where we support our students from start to finish and every step in between.

For more than 30 years, Career College of Northern Nevada has been successfully guiding students from their first, uncertain days all the way through graduation and entry into a promising career.

So, for those of you just kicking off your time at CCNN, we’ve compiled this quick survival guide to put you on the path to academic success. In fact, this might be better called a guide to thriving, not just surviving.

  1. Never doubt your own abilities: This is the first and most crucial step to performing well at CCNN. Recent studies have shown that learning ability doesn’t have to decline with age. In fact, your verbal skills can increase with age. Which is great news for our students who’ve already been out in the workforce gaining invaluable insights into the working world.
  2. Know that your teachers are excited to see you: Sure, some nerves are expected on the first day, but at CCNN, our teachers welcome you with open arms. They know your practical life experience gives you an edge that will help stimulate better class discussions. Your experience also is a great source of material for written assignments. So, speak up, join in and reap the benefits of your already rich life.
  3. Feeling stressed? Student Resources can help: If carrying a full load is a source of stress, look over our Student Resources handbook to see the various services we offer to help. This can come in handy particularly in the early stages of your time at CCNN.
  4. Focus on what motivates you: Everyone has someone or something that drives them to be better. It might be a spouse, a child or the promise of landing the job of your dreams. Whatever it is, lean on that support system as you learn the ropes at Career College of Northern Nevada. Some tips: Let family members know when you’ll need extra time for exams. Avoid negative influences who question your motivation and generally drag you down. Stay focused on your decision to improve your life and chances at a better career.
  5. Lean on your peers: Make friends with your fellow CCNN students and tap into our Student Services to help you learn about programs and organizations where you can meet other students. Also, feel free to contact us any time. We’re here to help.
  6. Learn how to study: Make sure you attend orientation to get your bearings at CCNN. Orientation lasts a little under five hours, but is completely worth it. You’ll hear from instructors as well as current and former students. Their success stories will motivate you, and give you practical tips on how to study for your CCNN classes.
  7. Keep things realistic: In the long run, what you learn at CCNN is far more important than every single grade on every assignment. Your future employers are mostly concerned that you have the ability, discipline and persistence necessary to get the job done. A degree from CCNN is the first step in showing them your value.

Like our Graduating Class of 2016 in the video below, you can do this. We can help. Stay in touch with us via Facebook and Twitter to maximize your experience here. Not yet a student, but ready to take your career goals to the next level? Contact us today for details.