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Successful Habits You Need to Develop, Part 1

August 5, 2019

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Achieving success is a process. It takes work. While education and resources are vitally important for success, they don’t guarantee it. What every professional can do to boost their chances of career success is, firstly, to develop habits of successful people. And secondly, to start early. Start your education early, start setting goals early, and start developing these habits early. But developing new habits can be difficult and, in itself, a process. The trick to adopting successful habits is starting early and, as with all other things, practice. Here we’ll identify habits of successful people so that you might implement them in your own life in your pursuit of career success.

Forward-Thinking is Successful Thinking

Having a proactive mindset versus a reactive mindset is hallmark of successful people. While it seems simple on paper, the practice is a bit more complex. All that is really required to train yourself to adopt a future-forward mindset is determination and will-power. Planning is a huge part of it. Start by creating a detailed calendar of your next 3 months, and then work backwards from month 3, crossing off things on your to-do list well in advance. Budget out next month’s paycheck, Start the assignment not due for two weeks, change the oil in your car before mile 3,000. Executing on the small things well-in-advance of their deadline is the first step to having a forward-thinking mindset. With practice and patience, your bigger goals like getting that next promotion, buying a house, supporting a family, etc. won’t seem so out of reach.

Challenges Are Opportunities for Progress

Most successful people didn’t sail there on smooth waters. After all, calm seas never made skilled sailors. You’ll find yourself faced with plenty of challenges on your path to success. How you handle those challenges will define your success. And what most people at the highest levels of success will tell you is to embrace the challenges. Take them on with positivity and a forward-thinking mindset. Each challenge will make you better, whether you overcome or fall short. It’s all about intent and effort. The more you actively seek out challenges, the better you’ll become at pushing through them. And soon enough, when the big obstacles come your way, you’ll be ready for them.

Keep Good Company

Success is almost never achieved alone. Whether you realize it or not, the people around you heavily influence your life, achievements, and overall mindset. If your current or old friends don’t share your ambition or career interest, do your best to go out and find those people. If you’re in school this should be easy, just form study groups with fellow students in your program. This is not to say you have to do away with your old friends, only make new ones.

The people you surround yourself with will have a huge influence on your level of career success. The best thing young professionals can do is join networking groups or get involved with different trade organizations. Do you best to learn from those more experienced than yourself. When you’re mapping out your path to success, finding a mentor can also be tremendously helpful. A mentor is someone who helps guide you through your career path, acting as a support system back by experience. Your CCNN program advisor is a great resource to help seek out mentors and professional organizations.

These habits are only the beginning. Stay tuned for part 2!