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Seven Reasons to Attend Trade School in Reno

September 11, 2019

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Ever wondered about the differences between a traditional four-year college and a trade school in Reno such as Career College of Northern Nevada? Some differences are obvious: with a trade school or career college, you enjoy a shorter length of time required to earn a degree along with intense specialization in a particular field. But beyond that, there are more subtle – but still significant – contrasts between the two.

Many young students enter a four-year college setting with a vague idea of what they want to study. But it often takes two or three years of unrelated core classes before the students get to the heart of what they’ve come to learn about. By then, the student may have changed majors, further extending their college experience into a costly five- or six-year journey with no clear end game.

A trade school, on the other hand, is all about laser focus.

Here are some advantages to trade schools:

  1. Job satisfaction through specific training: When you study at Career College of Northern Nevada, you get exposure to not only your specific trade, but related ones, as well. This is great experience for anyone looking for increased job competence and will position them well for management positions.
  2. A competitive advantage: Formal training gives you a distinct advantage over those with only on-the-job training or no training at all.
  3. Advancement: Those with formal training will enjoy more opportunities to advance through the ranks than those without training.
  4. Career growth: Someone with typical on-the-job training probably only knows how to perform a few specific tasks. Some with a four-year degree may have zero practical skills. Formal technical training ensures a richer, more fulfilling career.
  5. Professional instructors: Trade school instructors such as those at CCNN have real-world experience in the trades they teach.
  6. Learning resources: CCNN students have access to a wide variety of resources for learning including formal training manuals, tutoring and a professional learning environment. Smaller class sizes mean more one-on-one access to instructors.
  7. Proof of accomplishment: When you complete your formal training at trade school, you’ll earn a certificate of accomplishment or diploma as evidence that you’ve received training in your field of choice. It’s proof that you set your intentions, followed through with them and are ready to take the next step to a rewarding career.

There’s seven reasons to attend trade school in Reno!

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