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CCNN’s Welding Program is Building the Future Today!

April isn’t just the time when flowers bloom and the days grow warmer and longer. It’s also National Welding Month, which makes it the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at this trade, which is partly about skill, partly about art but all about patience and perseverance.

We recently sat down and spoke with two Career College of Northern Nevada Welding and Fabrication students about their experiences at CCNN and their hopes for the future.

Brian Blank

Phase Four welding student Bryan Blank tells us welding is “in my blood,” and that he’s proud to become a third-generation welder thanks to the skills he learns in class every day at CCNN. Blank started welding when he was 10 and brings raw talent to CCNN, but the Welding and Fabrication program has taught him a lot of preparation.

“Before, I was like, I want to do it, just get it done,” he says. “Now, I’ve really got to think about” a project before starting it.

Earl McBride

Now in his third phase of welding studies at CCNN, Earl McBride is all about finding his groove, which he says welding allows him to do on a daily basis.

“I’ve given my teachers a lot of grey hairs,” McBride jokes, but is serious about his commitment to the program.

“Knock me down, I come back,” he says. “(The program is) tough but I just got to stick it out and go.”

Welding and Fabrication at CCNN

The job marketplace offers steady, highly-paid work for skilled welders, such as the ones who graduate from Career College of Northern Nevada’s Welding and Fabrication program.

Our welders learn skills needed to succeed in the welding field such as:

  • Design and drafting skills through computer-assisted design (CAD) and drafting software
  • How to set up equipment for welding aluminum plate and pipe
  • Metal and arc welding for stainless steel and stick metal arc
  • Manipulating basic mathematic functions

CCNN’s welding students will learn many of the skills it takes to become a qualified welder, which can provide a rich, rewarding and hands-on career to last a lifetime. Are you ready to explore a possible career in welding? Look no further than Career College of Northern Nevada’s Welding and Fabrication school. Learn more and get started today.