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Women in Welding

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Why Female Welders Are on the Rise

If you think welding is a man’s job, you’re behind the times. More and more women are pursuing careers in the skilled trades, and for many, welding is an excellent fit. As baby boomers continue to retire, the welding industry is also facing a shortage and turning to women to fill the gaps. Below, we will discuss three additional factors behind the recent increase of women in welding.


A Change in Culturede

Though women have been welding since the labor shortage of World War II, the industry long held on to sexist misconceptions. For years, female welders were only offered employment when there was a lack of male applicants. When women were hired, sexual harassment was frequent on the job. Though it would be naïve to say that sexism does not exist in 2018, conditions for women in welding have greatly improved since the mid-century. Today, most human resource departments have zero tolerance for sexual harassment in the workplace. Additionally, women have the option of joining unions which provide added job security.


Increased Pay

Women in welding generally earn more than women in female-dominant trades. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cosmetologists collect a median salary of $24,900 while welders bring in an average of $40,240 annually. Additionally, once you are a certified welder, you can generally pursue advanced training through your employer or local union. Though salaries for specialized positions vary, ZipRecruiter and Water Welders report that pipe welders and underwater welders can reasonably make upwards of $100,000 per year.


Extensive Possibility

Welding positions are diverse. Since welding is used in every industry from construction to oil, gas, automotive, military, aerospace, shipping, and green technology, welders often have the opportunity to work in a field that interests them. In addition, welders can choose whether they’d like to see the world through a traveling position or remain close to home in a stationary role. Those looking to work part-time or follow a more irregular schedule also have the option of contract work and self-employment, alternatives which are not often available to clerical, medical, and hospitality professionals.


Inspired by Women in Welding? Become a Welder Yourself!

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