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Welding Careers

Welding careers offer more excitement and flexibility than most people realize, and they provide a stable and secure living. If you’re still on the fence about whether to choose a career in welding, read on for some of the best reasons to become a welder.


Welding with a blow torch


Work in a Much-Needed Field

Welding is necessary for many industries, and new construction and continued maintenance are constants of modern life. This means welders are always needed. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over 20,000 welding jobs will be added in the next eight years, so getting and maintaining up-to-date training will keep you competitive in the market.


Work Wherever You Want

Welders are needed all over the world—even at the bottom of the ocean. If you like the variety and adventure of travel, welding offers the unique opportunity to work anywhere you might like to go. Traveling jobs, too, often pay more than local welding jobs. Pipeline welding jobs, for example, can pay double the median welder’s salary, and these jobs allow you to work in places such as the Alaskan wild or an offshore oil rig. If you prefer the comfort of home, no worries. There are welding jobs everywhere!


Work in a Variety of Environments
Welders work in a wide variety of settings and follow many different career paths. If you choose a welding career, you might work in engineering or robotics, in a manufacturing plant or outside on a pipeline. The options are virtually endless, which provides you, an aspiring welder, with exciting diversity in your future career. It’s hard to get bored with your job when the range of choices is so broad.


Earn a Secure Income
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for welders hovers around $40,000 annually, so you can rest assured that you will have a secure and stable salary. There’s potential, though, to earn much more if you’re willing to work hard and you gain the necessary skills. Highly skilled welders can earn double the median income as pipeline welders, and underwater welders can even reach a six-figure salary. If you prefer the stability and security of staying close to home, a welding career still offers an income strong enough for a comfortable life.


How to Choose a Welding Career

If you find these reasons as persuasive as we do, it’s time to make the leap. Learn more about CCNN’s Welding & Fabrication Program today, and get started on this exciting career path.

Why Choose a Career in Welding?

Welding Careers Welding careers offer more excitement and flexibility than most people realize, and they provide a stable and secure living. If you’re still on the fence about whether to choose a career in welding, read on for some of the best reasons to become a welder.     Work in a Much-Needed Field Welding […]

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Welding and Fabrication Students

There’s nothing more empowering than putting the skills you’ve spent countless hours studying to practical use. Add a little competition into the mix and it’s even more rewarding. That’s exactly what a pair of Career College of Northern Nevada welding students will experience this April when a state-wide version of the Skills USA welding competition comes to Reno. Between April 3-7, CCNN welding and fabrication students Draden Mitchell and Wade Grunstead will have their welding knowledge and skills put to the test during the event, which will be held at Truckee Meadows Community College, Western Nevada College and the Silver Legacy Resort Casino in downtown Reno. The competition covers three main areas: an interview portion, a written welding test and a practical welding test over the course of four days. Read More...

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Women in Welding

Why Female Welders Are on the Rise If you think welding is a man’s job, you’re behind the times. More and more women are pursuing careers in the skilled trades, and for many, welding is an excellent fit. As baby boomers continue to retire, the welding industry is also facing a shortage and turning to women to fill the gaps. Below, we will discuss three additional factors behind the recent increase of women in welding. Read More...

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Welding and Fabrication

CCNN Welding Program Is Building the Future Today April isn’t just the time when flowers bloom and the days grow warmer and longer. It’s also National Welding Month, which makes it the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at this trade, which is partly about skill, partly about art but all about patience and perseverance. We recently sat down and spoke with two Career College of Northern Nevada Welding and Fabrication students about their experiences at CCNN and their hopes for the future.

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How To Become a Certified Welder

How To Become a Certified Welder One of the more confusing topics in the welding profession for new students concerns welding certifications. How do I become a certified welder? Will I be a certified welder when I finish the training program? Who offers certifications? Do I have to go to school to become a certified welder? To begin, certifications are numerous, and there is no clear cut path a student has to take in order to become a certified welder. One thing we can say with certainty, in order to be certified by the American Welding Society (AWS) in a weld process, a welder must pass a performance test in the process. This welding test must be performed at an AWS Accredited Test Facility in order to become a certified welder. Read more at:

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The Most Lucrative Welding Positions

The Most Lucrative Welding Positions In 2017, the U.S. national average pay for a welder was approximately $18 per hour, or about $38,000 per year. While this wage is on-par with many entry-level jobs, welders of the higher skill levels earn well above the national average. By “higher skill levels,” we mean the more dangerous […]

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Welding Career

The practice of welding can be traced back to ancient times. Some of the earliest examples of welding are gold boxes and ornaments from the Bronze and Iron Ages. Egyptians utilized a form of welding to create their iron tools. In India, the Iron Pillar of Delhi was created around 310 AD utilizing then-current welding techniques. The specific composition of metals in the pillar has rendered it rust-resistant and it still stands today as a great example of the welders’ skill and craftsmanship. Learn how CCNN can help you get started in a fantastic welding career! Read More...

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Welding Program

Ignite a Great Future At Career College of Northern Nevada, you can gain the hands-on experience you need to start an in-demand career as a welder, cutter, solderer or brazer. Welding professionals can work practically anywhere, from oil pipelines in the beautiful Alaskan wilds to Caribbean cruise ships to New York City skyscrapers. At Career […]

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